About Remote K12: The Connected Teacher Summit

REMOTE K12: The Connected Teacher Summit, hosted by ASU, is a free, one-day immersive virtual event to be held on January 9, 2021 to help K-12 teachers nationwide deliver better online and blended learning experiences. Teachers can learn and network with educators from across the country who will share effective and efficient virtual learning techniques and offer insights on pedagogy, course design, equity, wellness, accessibility, assessment, collaboration, engagement and more.

Earn Professional Development Credits at REMOTE K12
ASU Learning Enterprise, ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, and ASU Prep Digital will be offering professional development credits for attendees that qualify.  Every session qualifies for an attendee certificate.  If you complete 5 sessions, you will qualify for an ASU K-12 Digital Teaching PD Certificate, which is Step 1 toward earning an ASU Advanced K-12 Digital Teaching PD Certificate.   LEARN MORE 

Who will Attend?

REMOTE is FREE of charge for K-12 teachers in district public, charter and private schools - and everyone that supports and enables the teacher, including principals, academic and administrative staff, superintendents, CIO’s, directors of education technology, and decision makers around distance learning and policy.


  • Hear from from a diverse group of 180 Speakers representing 65+ Schools and Institutions across 35 states.

Why Attend?

This virtual conference is free for teachers and helps them discover the most effective online and blended learning techniques for Kindergarten through Grade 12 education. Teachers can gain an ASU-Certified Professional Development certificate for attending multiple sessions and filling out a post-show survey.

REMOTE K12 summit will feature:

  • 130+ sessions during six hours of programming spread over 15 content tracks.
  • Live Q&As will allow attendees to ask direct questions of speakers and receive answers in real-time.
  • ASU Learning Enterprise and the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College will be providing ASU K-12 Remote Teaching Skills PD Certificate for qualifying teachers who attend. Certificate is free of charge and based on completion of sessions and post-event verification.

Sessions will be divided into three categories:

  • Discipline will focus on tips and pedagogy by content area
  • Topic will focus on common subjects for all disciplines, including engagement, assessment, wellness and equity, etc.
  • Subject Expertise will give participants a real time 30-minute Q&A environment with experts on selected subjects.
  • In addition, it will offer sessions to support principals, superintendents and EdTech professionals.

· Sessions will be available after the event through June 2021.


The virtual event will feature more than 30 moderated chat rooms with a mix of environments, inviting structured discussions around disciplines and topics and grade bands.

Nominate a Teacher

Inviting peer nominations from across the US

As part of the summit, REMOTE K12 is looking to celebrate amazing educators working in the US. The REMOTE K12 Teacher Awards program is asking teachers and their peers, superintendents, students and parents to nominate an exceptional K-12 teacher who will be recognized at the summit. To nominate a K-12 teacher, click here.

A Letter from Our Executive Producer, David Levin

REMOTE K12 equips educators to teach better in today’s new world, where hybrid and remote teaching and learning look set to feature – COVID or not.  We create an environment that supports sharing and dialog between educators and extends participants’ awareness of their discipline’s pedagogical choices.  It widens their their understanding of the tools and techniques available to engage, assess and support their students.
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